Advanced Clinical Practice Models with Individuals/Families

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Advanced Clinical Practice Models with Individuals/Families:  What ideas and interventions really make a difference and matter to families and to health professionals? 

Tveggja daga vinnustofa, 7. og 8. október 2021, með dr. Lorraine M. Wright prófessor Emeritus í hjúkrun við University of Calgary, Canada.

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Staður: Stofa L101 - Sólborg Háskólinn á Akureyri - kl. 9-16.

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Illness, Suffering, and Spirituality:
What are the Clinical Practices that Promote Family Healing?

Have you escaped suffering in your life? Do you know anyone who has? Suffering is not partial to any particular gender, race or religion. Suffering spares no one, and favors no one.  But serious illness and loss invites deep suffering when our lives and relationships are changed forever. Deep suffering opens the door to spirituality as attempts are made to make sense of and heal from suffering. Suffering and spirituality are an inseparable duo. 
Distinctions are made between spirituality and religion.

If we as health professionals are to be helpful, what clinical practices are most effective to soften deep suffering and promote individual/family healing? From 45 years of clinical practice and study, Dr Wright will offer the clinical practices that can invite illness healing highlighted with actual clinical and personal illness narratives. The opportunity will also be provided to observe a demonstration interview conducted by Dr Wright with a local family suffering with serious illness. 


This workshop will encourage us to (re)embrace conversations of illness suffering with our patients/families that will open space to illness healing.  The Trinity Model will be presented as a useful framework for thinking about the complex notions of suffering, spirituality, and illness beliefs.  Healing clinical practices will be presented that include: bringing forth suffering conversations; acknowledging illness suffering; and bringing forth suffering markers.  These practices enable patients/families to move from a place of illness suffering to illness healing.  Hopefully this workshop will invite a desire to engage in healing conversations about illness suffering with the families in our clinical practice.  These ideas may also provide new reflections to soften suffering in our own lives. 

Suggested Books:

Shajani, Z. & Snell, D. (2019) Wright & Leahey’s Nurses and families:  A guide to family

            assessment and intervention (7th ed).  Philadelphia:  FA Davis.

Wright, L.M. (2017).  Suffering and Spirituality:  The Path to Illness Healing (2nd ed).

            Calgary, AB: 4th Floor Press.

Wright, L.M., & Bell, J.M. (2009). Beliefs and illness: A model for healing. Calgary, AB:

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Suggested Educational DVD’s:

Wright, L.M. (Producer).  (2016).  Therapeutic Conversations with Families: What’s

      love got to do with it?  [DVD].  (Available from:



Dr. Wright is Professor Emeritus of Nursing, University of Calgary, Calgary, Canada. She is also an international speaker, author/blogger, and consultant in family nursing and family therapy. Dr Wright was the Director, Family Nursing Unit, University of Calgary for 20 years, a unique clinical and research unit for couples/families suffering with serious illness.

In presentations, she offers her practice based research and research based clinical practice in conjunction with learnings from paradigm families/paradigm moments of how best to assist families suffering with serious illness and to promote family healing.

Dr. Wright is the author of 12 books and numerous chapters and articles. Her most recent books are: Wright & Leahey’s Nurses and Families: A guide to family assessment and intervention (7th ed) (2019); and Suffering and Spirituality: The Path to Illness Healing (2017)

She has developed 4 clinicial practice models, specifically the Trinity Model (advanced practice) and co-developed the Illness Beliefs Model (advanced practice) and co-developed the Calgary Family Assessment and Intervention Models (generalist practice).

Dr Wright wrote/produced the educational DVDs “Therapeutic Conversations with Families:  What’s Love Got to Do With it?”(2016) and Spirituality, Suffering, and Illness:  Conversations for Healing”(2007); and she has also co-produced 8 educational Family Nursing DVD’s.

Dr. Wright has received several honours and awards for her distinguished contributions and leadership in family nursing and family therapy. In 2020, she was awared the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award by the College and Association of Registered Nurses in Alberta, Canada. In 2013, she was awarded the prestigous Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in Canada  She has also been bestowed Honorary Doctorates from Linnaeus University, Kalmar, Sweden, 2012 and the University of Montreal, Canada, 2008.

She has presented in some 30 countries. Dr. Wright resides in Calgary, Canada when not travelling the world. Her goal is to visit 100 countries to learn about the clinical practices with families experiencing illness suffering. The total is now 78 countries! 

Visit Website for more information:   https://www.lorrainewright.com


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