Green Transition and Anthropocene: Icelandic ecosystem strategies

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Are you interested in learning more about climate change? Want to learn how to make your business greener? Do you want to reduce your footprint on the environment with small daily gestures?

The course „Green Transition and Anthropocene: Icelandic ecosystem strategies “offers a general overview of society's role in climate change by trying to identify the most effective strategies for a progressive ecological transition. The course aims to guide the individual to gain sustainable goals by adopting a systemic method and formulating specific strategies.

At the end of the course, the student will have a knowledge of the basic notions on the effects of climate change and the circular economy that he/she can use in his/her own daily life and or at work. The course adopts a multidisciplinary approach and a special focus on the Icelandic scenario, but it’s open to all individuals interested in deepening the subject.

Main topics covered in the course: Climate Change, Green Transition, Circular Economy, Environmental Law, Energy Management

Hagnýtar upplýsingar

The course has several objectives:

- To offer a general understanding of the effects of climate change on society and the economy

- Teaching the basic terminology to understand the regulatory framework

- Understand the strategies in place for the ecological crisis with particular focus on Iceland

- Understand the role of states, municipalities, business sector and citizens in the green transition

- Formulate strategies and interventions for the multilevel ecological crisis

- Outline the role of Iceland at the international level and update on the initiatives and policies in place in the area

Materials are provided by the teacher.

The course is innovative and the topic is not tought in other institutions yet. The course is open to all individuals.

Fyrirkomulag fjarnáms

Classes will be delivered online through Canvas where all study material will be available. The course is a three week programme. Three sessions per week, one open session will be organized on Zoom with the teacher and other participants, the other two will be pre-recorded sessions which can be watched any time.




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The course is from 25th of September for three weeks. All study material and sessions are online through Canvas teaching system. Weekly open Zoom meeting with the reacher.


Sara Fusco is a Ph.D. student in Environmental Law and Indigenous Rights at the Faculty of Law of the University of Lapland. Her research focuses on the concept of Environmental Justice in the Arctic Constitutions from the Indigenous Rights perspective. She currently lectures in Comparative Law and Human Rights at the Faculty of Law of the University of Akureyri, where she graduated in Polar Law in 2019. She holds an MA in Comparative Law from the University of Florence, and she has recently completed a Diploma in Human Security and Sustainability from the Institute of International Political sciences (ISPI). She is also a Special Editor for the Icelandic E-Journal of Nordic and Mediterranean Studies.


The cost per admission is ISK 140.000. 

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